Relevant Links (recommended by Media Management students)

The PDF information sheets about the various study-abroad opportunities for FB 09 students are available online here. (mz, 11/03) - The (multilingual) Online Film Wörterbuch (mz, 11/03) - This site offers information for media students or people working in the media industry. It contains links to top media stories and news. You'll find a lot of interesting links to other websites, especially to media companies like ARD. The JMM is The International Journal on Media Management and you can read current, upcoming and previous issues of the JMM. (Anonymous, 6/01)

Back to the top - "The world´s leading source of Media Business News and Data". The site is full of information about companies, organizations, people etc. who are active in the media industry. (Norman Böhm, 6/01)

Back to the top - a magnificent gateway to media business news. You can´t find media news at this site directly, this site is only the gateway, because there are so many links to sites providing media news, like the Washington Post, the Financial Times or the New York Times. Take the daily news section, for example: there are "news links" from every part of the media industry; television & radio, magazines, newspapers, Internet, entertainment and also media gossip. You can also find links to sites which offers jobs in the media. (Norman Böhm, 6/01)

Back to the top - This is the online magazine which provides media news from TV/radio, print, new Media, and advertising. There is a very good section called "Buzz/Columnists". There you can read long - and more demanding - articles. There are also archives where you can search for articles about subjects you are interested in. (Norman Böhm, 6/01)

Back to the top - The e-xentric agency, located in Great Britain, is an agency that wants to accompany, guide and help its clients on their way to creating and implementing a successful brand. In order to be able to achieve this goal, e-xentric decided to create strategies which are based upon creativity and technology. But you can also take a look at e-xentric´s former clients and see what strategies were designed for them. You can even look through several case studies, for example the website or the brand strategy for Cutty Sark. (Dirk Bröning, 6/01)

Back to the top - It's all about advertising, the spots and how they are made. You can have a look at the latest ads and also see a kind of ranking. Another thing which is quite good: you can choose between TV, music, political and movie advertising. As advertising is part of the media (one where you can earn lots of money and have lots of fun....), it's also important for media management students to see this site. You can improve your English, learn more about advertising and you can also have fun by seeing the latest ads.... (Daniel Meyer, 6/01)

Back to the top - Hollywood, movies and everything about films. You can find out about the latest movies, reviews, previews, features, interviews, news, and also the films coming soon to theaters. You can also see the box office results and other analyses. This site is very good for being up to date concerning movies and cinema. (Daniel Meyer, 6/01)

Back to the top - is one of the leading websites about pop culture, including daily news, commentary, reviews and interactive features about every aspect of entertainment. As a media man or woman we have to be up to date regarding the latest trends in movies, TV shows, music, books and websites. But day by day it becomes harder to choose from the vast number of entertainment options. provides information and recommendations that help us to make a better choice. (Verena Grupp, 6/01)

Back to the top - This U.S. website provides important information on recent developments in the information technology, e.g. reports on e-business, online security, network systems, companies and much more. As IT becomes more and more linked to the whole media business, this website should be helpful to any media management student. (Jimi Jouaux, 6/01)

Back to the top - an "entertainment home page"- The site is very interesting,; it includes "news", "features", "gossip", "celebs" and so on. There´s also a button called "multimedia" where you find new trailers, live events, music clips and so on. Do not look at this site, because you can´t leave it anymore... (Kerstin Kremling, 6/01)

Back to the top - This is for anybody who is planning to make or produce movies later on. You can find funny or ridiculous mistakes in movies. Unfortunately there are no film-bites, so you will only find written desciptions of movie mistakes, such as continuity flaws. (Stephan Pieroth, 7/01)

Back to the top - On this site "All Links" you could find an index with a lot of media links, where media students could search for media relevant information. For example, if you are interested at the German Television Network ARD or the New Zealand national television channel TV3, you must only click the ARD or TV3 links and you'll find their websites. (Annette Kraus, 7/01)

Back to the top - Harry Knowles runs this website and he is one of the "gurus" when it comes to movies and all kinds of rumours and facts about them. If there's a new film-project, he knows about it. Sadly, the website is rather messy and not very appealing to the eye, but it's the information that counts and he has plenty of it. So, if you want to know something about future plans of the major Hollywood studios or their recent releases, look here. (Andreas Erben, 12/01)

Back to the top - Here, the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), which is the equivalent to the German "Gesellschaft für Unterhaltungsmedien" ( presents itself. It features all the statistics from DVD player sales to Lord-knows-what. If you're into statistics, be sure to check this page out! But it doesn't stop here, there's a market overview, covering several media branches like wireless, mobile, audio, video, multimedia, home network and IT technologies which gives you quite an insight into the US consumer electronics industry. (Andreas Erben, 1/06)

Back to the top - This is the online - version of the popular magazine features news about film, television, music, the movie business in general, web and new media. As well as all the "gossip" featuring celebs we've learned to love so much. If you're doing research on a certain celebrity - here you'll find the latest news. (Andreas Erben, 12/01)

Back to the top - It's very similar to the Hollywood Reporter, in the end you'll have to decide which one you like best. To me, Variety seems to be more tabloid-stylish, whereas the Hollywood Reporter gives you the facts without too much fiction. (Andreas Erben, 12/01)

Back to the top - This is a site for the UK television industry. There is news about British television channels, for example BBC, Channel 4, MTV, ... Additionally there is background information, like "The ABC of public service television" or "A day in the life of a format developer". You can also read the current TV ratings, job offerings and links to companies. (Rona Serim, 12/01)

Back to the top - It is full of stuff relating to new media, with a particular focus on the web. It is a site relating to the study of new media rather than being a media studies site. (Karsten Zeber, 1/02)

Back to the top - The Encyclopedia of the New Economy gives explanations of the most relevant New Economy expressions. Besides, it helps lazy students (unlike me) avoid looking up the meanings of all those frightening, unknown words in boring media literature. Have you heard of the Big Mac Index for example? It monitors the economic state of a country by watching the local price changes at McDonald´s restaurants... (Lennart Frickenschmidt, 1/02)

Back to the top - When media mogul Rupert Murdoch launched "Sky TV" in 1989, no one could have known that this would become one of the world's most successful broadcasting stations. This website may be interesting for all media students but especially for those (like me) who want to distinguish themselves as television experts... For your personal success: check job offers on this page regularly! (Danny Hinken, 1/02)

Back to the top - This site of an agency that does research on TV ratings might be very interesting for students as it explains (in an easy way) how tv rating really works. Nielsen Media do a lot of reasearch on who watches when which show and for how long. Since TV time slots for advertisements are the way to make money for channels, the ratings are very important information for all TV managers. (Tatjana Breining, 1/02)

Back to the top - This is a link list with many many media-relevant links all over the world. You can find newspapers as well as broadcasting media. (Tatjana Breining, 1/02)

Back to the top - This great link offers the user a portal that deals with e-commerce. It provides information about the whole topic including very up-to-date links and news. The topics include developments, chances, technologies, an industry guide (E-Commerce & CRM-Products and Services), the categories B2B and I-Marketing (containing articles like "Online Car Sales: Bricks-and-Clicks Still Matter", "Study: Web Shoppers Confident About Holiday Season" or "Report: Online Travel Advertising Recovering from September 11th"). It has everything an up-and-coming e-commerce-star will need. (Arne Mundelius, 1/02)

Back to the top - This is the site of the popular British newspaper "Guardian" about the media in Great Britain. You can find an immense amount of information and effective news about topics like advertising, broadcasting, marketing & PR, press & publishing, new media and so on. There is also information about upcoming trends, a "creative lounge", and even a media award for other good media websites. (Martin Hörl, 1/06)

Back to the top - This site seems very interesting to me because of the easy way to get information you need about cinema on demand and the whole background technologie information, like: What it is/How it works/What you need/Quality/Features/Costs. Especially people who have never heard about CoD will get a quick insight into the subject, so they can form their own opinions. (Nicole Hönnighausen, 1/02)

Back to the top - The British Broadcasting Corporation provides the public with extensive information: current news, sports, weather, special interests, community and spare-time tips. Details of the radio and TV programme as well as a world service in 43 languages are also available. This link may be an interesting model for what a public TV station could be. (Sebastian Münzer, 1/02)

Back to the top - The site is called American Journalism Review. It is run by the College of Journalism at the University of Maryland. ajr is a national magazine about everything concerning the special forms of media: television, radio, print or online media. Another interesting aspect on the site is the links to media companies, newspapers or tv or radio companies in the States and all over the world. (Meike Arendt, 6/02)

Back to the top - This site presents all the current news about the media with regard to the press, television, the internet , etc. For Media Management students, it is a good possibility to get an impression of what is going on in the media and to follow recent developments. For people working in the media, this news is even more interesting, because some changes may influence the whole media system (--> e.g. Kirch) and thus have effects on their jobs. (Anja Müller, 6/02)

Back to the top - In my opinion, this website could be very interesting for students of Media Economics because they can find a lot of media-related links and a whole lot of information by using this well-organized list of websites. eEpecially the job-"area" should be interesting for our current and future livese as ´media-specialists´. (Lena Weber, 6/02)

Back to the top - A very popular and topical site, which has a special section for media-related news. (Frieder Bartussek, 6/02)

Back to the top - It is the homepage of an independent media organisation, which was established by various independent and alternative media organizations and activists in 1999 for the purpose of providing grassroots coverage of the World Trade Organization (WTO) protests in Seattle. Media students need to see this page, because it is not influenced by any political or financal power. They don't get financial aid from anyone. (Christian Krull, 6/02)

Back to the top - the Internet Movie Database. As far as I know, it's the biggest film and movie site on the Net. You can find any information you're looking for about films, actors, film scores, editors and so on. Besides the very detailed information on mainstream movies, there is also a "independent" section. Personally, I prefer the message boards (reading other users' opinons is funny ;)) and the Top-Movies section. As a future "Media Manager" the IMDB-Pro Site will be very useful, especially if you are planning to go into the movie business :) Unfortunately you have to pay to get access so I cannot evaluate their offers (yet...) (Jan Vogel, 6/02)

Back to the top - If you're interested in amateur films, have a look at this site. It's run by a student from the "German-Film-School", and I really like it. (Jan Vogel, 1/06)

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