1504 Media English 2

Campus: Unter den Eichen

This is a required course for second-semester Media Management students, which supports them as they continue to improve their English and, in particular, their ability to make presentations in English, using common Anglo-Saxon presentation techniques. Building on their presentation experience in the Media English 1 course, students will focus on learning the language and skills they need to move fluently through a presentation. Class participants will prepare and give an individual as well as a longer group presentation. The topics for the group presentations will be chosen in cooperation with one of the media program’s divisions (management, design, technology). Students will also participate in a course blog, analyzing TED talks. In addition, the ability to speak freely and fluently will continue to be developed through group discussions.

Students will receive a grade, based upon active participation and successful completion of all assignments (in-class presentations, blog entries/comments and peer feedback).

This course has an attendance requirement: students must attend 75% of all class meetings. Further absences will affect the final grade. A 15-minute late arrival counts as an absence. Late assignments and presentations will also affect the course grade.