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    Writing CVs/Resumés

    Your Resumé:

    Jobweb - Sample Resumés:

    Resumania (humorous look at what can go wrong):

    Common Resumé Myths:

    Solving Common Resumé Problems:

    Here's an interesting information sheet which describes, in English, what a Fachhochschule is: (5/09 - PDF)

    U.S. Dept. of Labor's Occupational Outlook Handbook - a resource which can help when you need to translate German job titles. While it WON'T give you translations, it will give you titles and very detailed (but readable) descriptions of what people actually do in specific jobs, what training is required, etc. (10/02)

    My information sheet with translations of some basic terms often needed on CVs: CVvocab.pdf (6/07)

    Occupational Information Network (O*Net Online) - another excellent searchable resource for finding expressions and vocabulary for describing jobs and work experience: (11/03)

    The DIHK's list of English translations for many of the German "xxxkaufmann/-frau" job titles (01/04)

    My sheet of 10 tips for writing CVs for international applications: CV10tips.pdf (1/04)'s interesting information about CVs and cover letters in different countries (in German):

    Writing CVs for Australia:

    Jobline: LMU's online training site for preparing job application materials in English (requires free registration 7/04)

    Example of a cover letter (06/07)

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    Dictionaries and Other Language Resources

    EURODICAUTOM: the European Commission's translation dictionary (10/02)

    The free Merriam Webster Toolbar gives you instant browser access to a dictionary and thesaurus:

    Pons dictionaries: or

    Longman Web Dictionary:

    LEO (English/German):

    1,800 online dictionaries:

    Website with information about phrases and idioms:

    For investigating English words:

    All kinds of reference materials:

    What do those letters actually stand for?

    TU Chemnitz dictionary page: (5/03)

    BBC's "Business Words in the News": (7/04)

    Website devoted to new English words and expressions: (7/04)

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    TOEFL Information/Preparation (Test of English as a Foreign Language)

    Commercial website promoting its TOEFL software, with a list of test tips: (1/04)

    TOEFL workshop offered once a semester (in April + November) by the SuK Department:

    Information from the organization which runs the TOEFL:

    A list of TOEFL links at an excellent website for English learners (and teachers):

    Free practice:

    Commercial test preparation company, with free practice online (you have to register):,1898,1107,00.html

    Fre e practice from San Jose State University (USA); use login: collegecontact + password: sjsu

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    Websites Especially for Learners of English

    Using English: (4/03)

    BBC's site for English learners: (11/02)

    Spotlight Magazine's website: (11/02)

    Dave's ESL Café (English as a Second Language): (11/02)

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    For Students of International Business and Industrial Engineering (IWI)

    European STudents of Industrial Engineering and Management (2/05)

    To receive a free weekly newsletter with links to current business news from the airline sector, go to the Forbes website ( and click on "free e-mail newsletters" (halfway down the page, on the right-hand side, under "Membership"). Then, sign up for a free membership, and select the "Airlines" newsletter, under "Industry Verticals". (1/05)

    Short report from Die Zeit (in German!) about a German Wirtschaftsingenieurin working in Uganda (4/03)

    Industrial Engineering at Stanford University:

    Industrial Engineering at UC/Berkeley: http://www.IEOR.Berkeley.EDU/

    Department of Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences at Northwestern University: (01/06)

    Aviation degree programs at Ohio State University (Columbus, Ohio, USA):

    Aviation Science and Administration program at Western Michigan University (Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA): (04/05)

    School Of Aerospace Sciences - University of North Dakota (Grand Forks, North Dakota, USA): (01/06)

    Free software related to aeronautics (Glenn research Center): (04/05)

    Various aviation-related online resources (Glenn research Center): (04/05)

    Institute of Industrial Engineers (USA):

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    Tips for Improving Writing Skills

    "Learning Guides" from the Univ. of Southern Australia for various forms of writing tasks:

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    Looking for Internships/Jobs in Other Countries

    The ZAV (Zentralstelle für Arbeitsvermittlung) offers over 50 programs to help people find jobs and internships in foreign countries:

    Excellent website (in German) for students interested in studying/internships in the USA: (5/03)

    Background information (in German) about countries (incl. visa/work permit requirements) on the website of the German Foreign Ministry (Auswärtiges Amt): (7/03)

    EURES - The European Job Mobility Portal - for finding information on jobs and learning opportunities in Europe: (12/03) has a collection of information about internships abroad (in German): (12/03)

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    Free Online English Exercises (11/02)

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    Looking for (Business) Information about Companies

    Wikipedia (source of information of all kinds): (4/05)

    Fast Company:

    Financial Times:

    Hoover's (source of company information): (US version of site) (a business search engine):

    Forbes: (10/02)

    Reuters: (01/06)

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    Looking for Magazine/Newspaper Articles 249 front pages from 35 different countries (7/04) (1/03)

    BBC: (1/03)

    The International Herald Tribune: (1/03)

    The Independent: (1/03) - links to newspapers all over the world (Meike Arendt, 6/02) - for newspapers especially in Britain (Meike Arendt, 6/02)
    - short summaries of German news in English (12/02)

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    Listening to English on the Internet

    Better at English: a website where you can listen to audio material (conversations, reports, etc.) and read transcripts at the same time (12/07)

    News stories on PBS: Watch interesting new stories on a variety of topics (incl. media, IT, etc.) and read the transcript of the broadcast at the same time. (12/07)

    The Australia Network has lots of video material aimed at intermediate and advanced English learners - with transcripts. (12/07)

    CEOCAST - listen to interviews with company representatives from a variety of industries: (1/06 - free registration required)

    Sound Portraits - lots of interesting radio documentaries about American culture. To listen to a program, just click on the title or picture. (You'll need the RealOne Player.): (2/03)

    Search for free podcasts at the iTunes music store (1/06 - installed free iTunes program required)

    Download and listen to old-time radio programs at RadioLovers or Radio Days (01/06)

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    Chatting for English Learners

    Dave's ESL Café: (Note: first-time users must register first) (11/02)

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    Technical English

    Here's an online dictionary for technical terms (German <---> English): (11/02)

    All kinds of interesting information about how technical things work: (12/02)

    Just for fun: "Best known for his "INVENTION" cartoons which use a string of outlandish tools, people, plants and steps to accomplish everyday simple tasks in the most complicated way, Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist Rube Goldberg's drawings point out that people are often overwhelmed by over-complicating their lives.": (1/03)

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    Business English

    Crossword puzzles to practice business vocabulary: (12/02)

    The BBC's guide to management gurus - a series of 13 recorded radio programs:

    A website about project management issues: (5/03)

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    Relevant Links for Students of Media Management

    To receive a free weekly newsletter with links to current business news from the media sector, go to the Forbes website ( and click on "free e-mail newsletters" (halfway down the page, on the right-hand side, under "Membership"). (1/05)

    Collection of PDF information sheets about study-abroad opportunities for FB 09 students: (11/03)

    The (multilingual) Online Film Wörterbuch: (11/03)

    Web-Unit "How Films Are Made" on Cornelsen website: (8/02)

    M/C: A Journal of Media and Culture - an Australian Internet publication which describes itself as a "place of public intellectualism analysing and critiquing the meeting of media and culture.": (8/02)

    Collection of links contributed by FHW Media Management students

    Canadian University in Toronto with an interesting Media Studies program: University of Guelph-Humber (7/04)

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    Movies and Theater in English (Rhine-Main area)

    Weekly-updated Internet listing of movies showing in English (and some other foreign languages) in the Rhine-Main area: (2/06)

    Festival-Kino in Darmstadt (click on "Originalversion im Festival" in the navigation) (6/07)

    The English Theatre (Frankfurt) (9/02)

    Internationales Theater Frankfurt (9/02)

    F.E.S.T. - Frankfurt English-Speaking Theatre e.V. (9/02)

    Darmstadt Performing Arts Center (9/03)

    Amelia Earhart Playhouse - Wiesbaden (1/06)

    Day-Old Theatre - Uni-Mainz (1/06)

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    Language Schools Recommended by Students

    St. Brelades College, Jersey, UK (recommended by Susanne Müller) (10/02)

    English Language Institute in Dublin, Ireland (recommended by Sandra Kalbanter) (2/03)

    Institute of English Language Studies in Malta (recommended by Anja Lohrer) (2/03)

    Professional (free) advice regarding language schools in the UK: Daniel Baruch (recommended by M. Zvetina) (1/05)

    Sydney College of English, Australia (recommended by Sabine Poltermann) (4/03)

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    Studying in the USA

    The FH Hannover's site has plenty of helpful information: (3/04)

    U.S. visa information: (1/06) and also here: (4/09)

    SmartStudent Guide to Studying in the USA: (11/03)

    U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services - How Do I Become an Academic Student in the U.S.: (11/03)

    Study in the USA - Resource Guide: (11/03)

    The USA-Interns Program of the German-American Internship Exchange founded by the Steuben-Schurz-Gesellschaft e.V. and supported by the US Consulate Frankfurt: (10/06)


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    Programs for Studying in English-speaking Countries

    Queensland (Australia) - Hesse Exchange Program:

    Wisconsin (USA) - Hesse Exchange Program:


    List of Canadian universities with exchange agreements with German universities (7/04)


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