1502 Media English 1 (UdE)

1504 Media English 2 (UdE)


CVs, Cover Letters + Co. (workshop at KSR)

Additional courses taught in the past:

5672 English for Designers (UdE)

2434 Presentation Skills for Designers team-taught w/Andreas Weber (UdE)

2511 English for IT

1055 Advanced Business Skills (IWI 6363) (RÜ)

6506 Business English for IWI 3 (RÜ)

1095 Presentation Skills/Advanced Business English II (RÜ)

7222 IT English - Dipl. (KSR)

1275/1281 English for Architects and Civil Engineers (KSR)

Business English Z3 (RÜ)

English for Insurance Management/Financial Services VI (Bleichstr./SS 02)

English for Insurance Management/FS IV - with Julia Hartley (Bleichstr./WS 02-03)

Business English Z1 (RÜ)

Business English Z2 (RÜ)

Bridge: General English (RÜ)

English for Designers (KSR)

English 4 for IWI (RÜ)

Teaching + Presenting in English (SZ, in cooperation with Weiterbildung)