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This information (in PDF form) was collected and presented as a project by a team of motivated Media Management (Dipl.) students in May, 2003.
Although much of it may be outdated, it will continue to be available here.



University/Program Media students who've been there/done that
(08.05.04 mz)
Toulouse (FR)  
Boston-Emerson (USA) Sara-Lisa Cavallaro (01/02)
Fulbright Scholars (USA) Miriam Beier (Columbia College, Chicago, 04/05), Annette Stock (04/05)
FH Salzburg Daniel Meyer (03)
Wisconsin (USA) Eva Kümml (03/04)
Muncie (USA) Cornelia Simms (02), Chin-Gi Hong (04/05)
Boston-Suffolk (USA) Benjamin Patock (01/02)
Miami (USA) Michael Paluszkiewicz (02/03), Emanuel Hanser-Strecker (03/04), Oli Stark (03/04)
Queensland (AUS)  
London (GB) Nina Herbst (Thames Valley University/04)


As the e-mail address mentioned on the various information sheets is currently "out-of-order", please contact Denise Mayer with any additional questions.
Project team: Julia Wittich, Denise Mayer, Eva Kümml, Lennart Frickenschmidt


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